Spring 2017 Students Begin Volunteer Workshops

April 2017

Spring 2017 students Maggie Poulos, Devin Johnson, Cailyn Campbell, Anna Clements, Tierney Thomison, and Cecilia Caro have begun volunteering on a weekly basis, doing workshops in collaboration with three children’s organizations (The Adventist University Library, Casa de los Niños, and Attilka Children’s Library).

They are using books from the Kids’ Books Bolivia collection to do arts-based workshops guided by the Manuales Creativos written in 2013 by Aliya Ellenby and Alexia Loredo. This pilot program has just begun and has been a joy and learning experience for the volunteers, the children, and the educators supporting the project.

This new collaboration is being coordinated by SIT Spring 2006 Alum and local artist, Aliya Allenby.

One of our local partners recently shared the following praise for Kids’ Books Bolivia and this new alliance through social media:

Who said a reading club is boring?
In our club, we have fun reading.
If you still aren’t part of a club, we invite you to ours, come and enjoy the books
Sign up at the library at the Adventist University School.
Special thanks to Aliya for the activities with the kids at our last session.
Lizeth Pérez, Director of the Adventist University Library, Cochabamba

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