Spring 2017 Students Begin Volunteer Workshops

April 2017
Spring 2017 students Maggie Poulos, Devin Johnson, Cailyn Campbell, Anna Clements, Tierney Thomison, and Cecilia Caro have begun volunteering on a weekly basis, doing workshops in collaboration with three children’s organizations (The Adventist University Library, Casa de los Niños, and Attilka Children’s Library). They are using books from the Kids’ Books Bolivia collection to do… more

Fall 2016 Authors Present Their Books

November 2016
SIT Fall 2016 students Jonah Edwards (left) and John McClaughlin (below) presented their books at El Poncho — Cochabamba, Bolivia for an audience of SIT students, faculty, and invited children from the local library “Atillka”. The presentation was dynamic and interactive, as both John and Jonah became storytellers. Endowed with personal connections and importance, they… more

Educator Workshops Begin Again!

October 2016
After three years of professional development and teacher training and experience living in the United States, Aliya Ellenby (Spring 2006 alumn) has returned to Bolivia and is collaborating again with Kids’ Books Bolivia, offering workshops to local educators to use the Kids’ Book Bolivia collection creatively in their youth organizations. This opportunity was announced at… more

KBB at the International Book Fair

October 2016
From October 6-16, 2016, Kids’ Books Bolivia (KBB) participated in Cochabamba’s 10th annual International Book Fair. Amidst local, national, and international authors, as well as various bookstores and publishing companies, KBB shared a stand with the nationally acclaimed author, Gaby Vallejo.

Gaby Vallejo Dedicates Book to Leah Davis

October 2016
On October 16, 2016 nationally acclaimed Bolivian author Gaby Vallejo presented her newest publication: Chiquita, La Vida no es Fácil, which she dedicated to SIT alumn Leah Davis, who had impacted her greatly in Fall 2010 when she wrote her SIT children’s book about the experience of an Afro-Bolivian protagonist. When reading her book aloud… more

Leah Davis’ Book Recognized Nationally

October 2016
On October 7 at the 2016 IBBY South American Conference (International Board on Books for Young People) Conference, Liliana de la Quintana de Ovando, a distinguished Bolivian author, presented her research portraying the spectrum of African-American children’s literature in Latin America, and included a book from the Kids’ Books Bolivia collection: Until the Mirror Smiled… more

KBB Presents at the 2016 IBBY South America Conference

October 2016
Kids’ Books Bolivia (KBB) was invited to present on October 7 at the 2016 IBBY South America Conference (International Board on Books for Young People). Co-presenters were Heidi Baer-Postigo, Academic Director of SIT Bolivia and Founding Director of KBB, and local arts-educator Aliya Ellenby (Spring 2006 SIT Bolivia alumn), creator of the KBB Educator Toolkits… more

Fall 2015 Authors Present Their Books

December 2015
SIT Fall 2015 students presented their books Camila and the Dancing Dreams and What’s that Thing on Wheels? in Tarata, Bolivia at the conclusion of their study abroad semester. The audience included students and faculty of the SIT Bolivia program. Fall 2015 Authors Lucy Bergwall, Williams College Lucy’s book aims to celebrate the bicycle and… more

KBB Visited by Childrens’ Author Linda Marshall

November 2015
During the Fall 2015 semester, Heidi was contacted via the Kids’ Books Bolivia website by Linda Marshall, a U.S. children’s author who was visiting Cochabamba during the Independent Study period.  She was very interested in our project, and held a workshop at a coffee shop for the three students who were writing kids’ books this semester.  She… more

KBB at 2015 International Book Fair

October 2015
From October 15-25, 2015, Kids’ Books Bolivia (KBB) participated for the first time ever in Cochabamba’s 9th annual International Book Fair! Amidst local, national, and international authors, as well as various bookstores and publishing companies, Kids’ Books Bolivia shared a stand with the well-known children’s author, Gaby Vallejo. We featured the full collection of 30… more
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