We have provided workshops for students and educators to promote literacy development through creative, interactive, dynamic lessons. 


We have participated in the International Book Fair in Cochabamba since 2014, as well as in the IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) South America Conference, and other book fairs in Sucre and La Paz. 

Our books have been purchased for educational purposes by museums, libraries, schools, individual preK-middle school teachers, as well as universities, and social justice organizations in Bolivia, the United States, and Argentina. 

We have donated books to multiple libraries, schools, after-school centers, and other nonprofit organizations throughout Bolivia, and in the United States.

Ayni: The Inspiration Behind Kids' Books Bolivia

Ayni is a Quechua word meaning reciprocidad in Spanish and reciprocity in English. It is one of the most important characteristics of Andean cosmovisión, or worldview, and has defined and shaped relationships between individuals and communities in the Andes for centuries. In my role as a cross-cultural educator for U.S. college students in Bolivia, I hope to find ways in which our students and our program can engage in ayni, by giving something meaningful back to a country that gives so generously to those of us living here both temporarily and permanently.

I inherited from my mother a love of children’s literature. This is a love I hope I am instilling in my own bicultural children. Over the years, I have spent hours searching for books that will affirm and celebrate their Bolivian identity. Beautiful examples of such books are fortunately becoming more common, although many of the children’s books available continue to be imported, expensive, and inaccessible to a majority of the population.

For the first time in 2008, two students produced a bilingual children’s book for their final Independent Study Project, which inspired me to create Kids’ Books Bolivia, a collection that contributes to the production of affordable books for Bolivian children and raises international awareness about their diverse cultures.

Since then, over 30 students have engaged in ayni by adding to the growing collection of books celebrating the country that hosts them with open arms. The book you have just read is one of them. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Heidi Baer-Postigo

Founder and Director, Kids’ Books Bolivia

Organizations to which we have donated books

  • 2 Thuruchapitas libraries in Cochabamba and Sacaba

  • 8 libraries that form the Atillika network in Cochabamba

  • Children’s Library in El Alto

  • Ayni Bibliobus in Cochabamba

  • 8 Biblioworks libraries in Sucre

  • CIDOB in Santa Cruz

  • The Reading Corner at the Sighart Klauss library, Adventist University in Vinto

  • Arlington Public Library, Arlington, VA

  • Unidad Educativa Tocoli

  • Unidad Educativa Llallagua

  • Crecer Juntos Alternative school, Potosí

  • Wayna Pacha After-School Center, Potosí

  • Unidad Educativa Santa Rita, Santa Cruz

  • Ciudad del Niño

  • Kusikuna Alternative School, Apote

  • Unidad Educativa Cururú, Santa Cruz

  • Casa de los Niños, Cochabamba

  • Unidad Educativa Eusebio Tudela

  • Escuela Bolivia, Arlington, VA

  • Performing Life, Cochabamba

  • Fundación AGRECOL Andes

  • Ethnographic Museum in Sucre, Bolivia

  • Colectivo Katari, Cochabamba, Bolivia

  • Pro Bolivia Committee, Arlington, VA

  • George Washington University’s Quechua language department

  • Five organizations working with the SIT Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Sumaj Kausay, Cochabamba

  • Graduate Center, Universidad Mayor de San Simón

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