Our Books

All of the books in this series are bilingual (Spanish and English) and some are trilingual in one of Bolivia’s 36 indigenous languages. They serve to celebrate Bolivian reality and raise awareness about Bolivia’s rich cultures and pressing social issues.

Book topics include daily life and customs of indigenous Quechua and Guarayo communities; how migration affects Bolivian families; children who work in the streets; public care of the elderly; labor movements in the mines; and how modernization and global warming are changing the traditional cultivation of quinoa, the ancient grain of the Incas.

The books are written for children grades K-6.  They are also excellent tools for Spanish language learners of any age.  At the end of each book is a section appropriate for parents, teachers or older children describing in more detail what the author learned about the research topic on which the story is based.

Click on individual book titles displayed below for details and a description of the story.

  1. Girl in the Sky

    Spring 2015
  2. Luis and Me

    Fall 2014
  3. Follow Me!

    Fall 2011
  4. Bread Soup

    Spring 2011
  5. Unplugged

    Spring 2011
  6. Wilma

    Fall 2010