Manuales Creativos

The Manuales Creativos - Creative Manuals were designed to be used by local educators in Bolivia working in schools, libraries, and other youth organizations, and are now available to bilingual educators internationally. 


Two Creative Manuals were published: the first for elementary school students in Grades K-4, with activities accompanying 7 books from the KBB collection; and the second for upper elementary and middle school students in Grades 5-8, with activities accompanying 6 books from the KBB collection. Materials for individual books from the Kids' Books Bolivia collection can be downloaded, or the entire manual can be downloaded. 

Both Manuals are written in Spanish, and provide curriculum resources appropriate for use in the teaching of Spanish, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Through an alliance between Colectivo Katari (a local, independent collective of artists), and Kids’ Books Bolivia (KBB), with funding from the International Reading Association, these guides were created in 2012 to support teachers, or any other educators working with children and youth in diverse settings. 

They were conceived to add dynamic activities and creative processes to the books, and complement the writing of the students, thereby providing bilingual curriculum resources. The activities are based in various artistic expressions, including theatre, music, and visual arts, and allow the facilitator to enrich his/her environment with literature, active participation, and imagination!

Creative Manual 1: Grades K-4 

Books examined

Until the Mirror Smiled Back at Me

Theme: Identity/ Creative product: Mobiles with self portrait and other personal elements


Theme: Imagination/ Creative product: Story cubes

What Happened to Chita?

Theme: Climate change/ Creative product: Mandalas

What the Liqi Liqi Knew

Theme: Nature's signals, Health and Nutrition/ Creative product: Collective posters that include natural medicines, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and dangerous ingredients in our food

My Mommy is not in Bolivia with Me

Theme: Migration/ Creative product: Personal letters, set upon the wings of a bird silhouette


Theme: Animal trafficking and respect for all creatures/ Creative product: mural

Confronting the Giant

Theme: Discrimination, and the power of the imagination/ Creative product: "magic" objects

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Creative Manual 2: Grades 5-8

Books examined

My Quinoa Grows: It is my past, It is my future

Theme: Cycles in nature, planting and harvesting/ Creative product: Circular calendar


Theme: Ways of life and genealogy/ Creative product: A forest of genealogical trees, with original poetry


Theme: Animal trafficking, and respect for all living creatures/ Creative product: Song and poetry books

The Spirit of the Miners

Theme: History of the mines of Llallagua (Northern Potosi) and the miners' struggle in Bolivia/ Creative product: Collective newspaper reflecting the history of mining in Bolivia

When the Trash Overflows

Theme: Waste management and reduction/ Creative products: Artistic sculptures made from recycled materials

I Don't Know Either

Theme: The history of Casimira Rodríguez and other female leaders in Bolivian history/ Creative product: Group poster of women leaders

Click on each book for free downloadable materials

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