Written and illustrated by Aliya Khan in 2017, The Fabric I am Made Of  follows a young girl as she grapples with feelings of uncertainty, fear, and loneliness in an increasingly big and complicated world.

However, when she learns about the artists throughout history and in her community who have used their passion to overcome their own obstacles, she begins to understand how to use her own artistic talents to transform her pain into something beautiful.

A unique book in the collection, The Fabric I am Made Of  is written in poetic verse - that emerged from the content of Aliya's illustrations. 

Written and illustrated by Emma Share, Girl in the Sky is the story of Celeste, a young Bolivian girl who feels stuck and afraid. She overcomes her fear after discovering a group of kids practicing aerial circus arts. She learns how to dance in the air and sees her world is bigger than she ever imagined.


Based on the experience of a real social circus youth program in Quillacollo, Bolivia, Performing Life, this story portrays how young Bolivians are gaining confidence and dreaming of a brighter future.

Written and illustrated by Alice Sadler, Follow Me! is about a boy named David, who works hard all day, trying to make enough money to support his sick grandma. One day he is forced to follow a group of bullies into petty crime. The next day he is invited to follow a new friend to a world he thought was only possible in dreams…

This book is trilingual in Spanish, Aymara and English.

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