Current Team

Since its creation in 2008, Kids' Books Bolivia has had over 40 student writers, who have collaborated with a number of illustrators, as well as creative advisors, editors, translators, and many supporters locally and abroad - who have each contributed to the spirit of this project.

Kids' Books Bolivia has also built relationships with many institutions and organizations throughout the research and publication of each book, as well as through their distribution, and the overall growth of the project. We are deeply grateful for this extensive network.

Heidi Baer
Founder and Director of Kids' Books Bolivia
Alexia Loredo
Creative process advisor and Editor
Aliya Ellenby
Kids' Books Bolivia Project Coordinator
Títeres Elwaky
Book Fair and Presentation Collaborators


Kids' Books Bolivia specially thanks the following people for their valuable support and contributions to the project and to the production of the book series:

José B. Alvarez; Marcia and Karl Baer; Jessica Bashford; Antonio Blacudt; Nadine Channaoui; Lee Cridland; Rebecca Cross; Michelle Dechellete; John Fox; Teodoro Fulguera; Chellis Glendinning; Marcela OliveraPatricia Parra; Mercedes Pérez; Julio, Maya and Pablo Postigo; Jim Rudolf; Ismael Saavedra; Lisa Schuchart; Sue Southerwood; Laura Sprinkle; Gaby Vallejo; Kristine and Steven Walker; Denali Weiler; Adam Weinberg; Gwenn Wells

Additional thanks to all of the translators who have worked with us throughout the years, in the careful and precise translation of our stories. 


Ana Franco Martínez, Evelyn Quispe, Tania Rodriguez

Quechua translators

Marisol Cabrera, Calixto Quispe Huanca

Aymara translators

Mauricio Arimendano Uracumini, William Cortez Lavayen

Guarayo translators

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