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Kids’ Books Bolivia is a series of bilingual children’s books written by undergraduate students on the SIT Study Abroad Program in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  This reciprocity project contributes to the production of affordable books celebrating Bolivian reality and serves to raise international awareness about Bolivia’s rich cultures and pressing social issues.

We use all proceeds to subsidize low-cost books, book donations and workshops for Bolivian children, schools, libraries, community organizations and literacy programs.

Our Latest News

Spring 2017 Students Begin Volunteer Workshops

April 2017
Spring 2017 students Maggie Poulos, Devin Johnson, Cailyn Campbell, Anna Clements, Tierney Thomison, and Cecilia Caro have begun volunteering on a weekly basis, doing workshops in collaboration with three children’s organizations (The Adventist University Library, Casa de los Niños, and Attilka Children’s Library). They are using books from the Kids’ Books Bolivia collection to do… more

Fall 2016 Authors Present Their Books

November 2016
SIT Fall 2016 students Jonah Edwards (left) and John McClaughlin (below) presented their books at El Poncho — Cochabamba, Bolivia for an audience of SIT students, faculty, and invited children from the local library “Atillka”. The presentation was dynamic and interactive, as both John and Jonah became storytellers. Endowed with personal connections and importance, they… more

Educator Workshops Begin Again!

October 2016
After three years of professional development and teacher training and experience living in the United States, Aliya Ellenby (Spring 2006 alumn) has returned to Bolivia and is collaborating again with Kids’ Books Bolivia, offering workshops to local educators to use the Kids’ Book Bolivia collection creatively in their youth organizations. This opportunity was announced at… more
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Our Latest Books

Camila and the Dancing Dreams

Camila and the Dancing Dreams
Written by Maya Salas and illustrated by Valentina Campos. Camila only wants to dance ballet like all her other friends. She doesn’t understand why her mom is making her dance folkloric dance. Until one day, Camila has a dream that changes everything.

What’s that Thing on Wheels?

What’s that Thing on Wheels?
Written and illustrated by Lucy Bergwall. Siblings Sam and Alex want to have a picnic in the park on Pedestrian Day. But their mom doesn’t know how to transport Alex, who uses a wheelchair, and all the supplies. So their grandpa takes Sam to the market, where Sam begins to see all the fantastical bicycles… more

Girl in the Sky

Girl in the Sky
Written and illustrated by Emma Share. Celeste is a young Bolivian girl who feels stuck and afraid. She overcomes her fear after discovering a group of kids practicing aerial circus arts. She learns how to dance in the air and sees her world is bigger than she ever imagined. Based on the experience of a… more
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