CentroNía: A Window to Bolivia in Washington, DC

May 2014

CentroNía is a nationally recognized multicultural learning community based in Washington, DC. CentroNía’s mission is to educate children and youth and strengthen families in a bilingual, multicultural environment. The CentroNía family includes over 2,500 students and families in Washington, DC and Takoma Park, Maryland — and with the help of Kids’ Books Bolivia, CentroNía’s Library is bringing stories of Bolivian culture, cuisine, social issues, daily life, and customs of indigenous communities to those we serve.

CentroNía works to ensure academic excellence and reinforce the importance of reading and learning at school and at home. The generous donation of Kids’ Books Bolivia will give CentroNía’s students access to nearly 60 new bilingual and trilingual books written by undergraduate students studying abroad in Bolivia. These titles will be used in CentroNía’s community library, classrooms and homes to increase bilingual literacy and teach children about the colorful culture of Bolivia.

A big thank you from the children and families of CentroNía to Kids’ Books Bolivia!

To learn more about CentroNía and how to get involved, visit!

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