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Our Authors

The authors of our books were undergraduate college students on the SIT Study Abroad Program in Bolivia. They produced their books as part of the Independent Study Project, a four-week course providing students with the experience of conducting research in a cross-cultural context.

The authors and/or illustrators of these books have used their participation in this project as a springboard for presenting their books at schools and children’s organizations in the U.S., writing articles at their U.S. universities, presenting their research and books at symposiums and conferences, and in applying for funding for future research and book publication.

For more information about each author, click on their names listed below. Check the news to find out what some of the authors have been doing since they wrote these books.

casey-andersen siara-atkinson lucy-bergwall
margaret-brockland rebecca-brown will-brunnquell
nadine-channaoui annie-cutler erika-dandrea
amy-danks leah-davis jessica-ebersole
laura-fries laura-frye elizabeth-henley
phoebe-house jenna-jablonski carly-krystyniak
mikaela-lefrak catherine-mapa adina-menashe
alice-sadler maya-salas ariana-sankbianchi
skylar-sasson emma-share emily-smizer
laura-sprinkle julia-steege tressa-versteeg
karina-walker margaret-weihs ayoola-white